Acana UK

ACANA - Carpet and Fabric Spray

Acana Carpet and Fabric Spray - 500ml




Effective &Proven Moth Protection from a Licensed InsecticideFormula

Licensed Insecticide Killing product (not just a repellent) 

Complementary product to Acana Sachet & Hanging products

Provides protection for larger items that cannot be stored

Uses the latest in technology for moth killing

Formulated with Bayer’s TRANSFLUTHRIN active

Effectively kills moths,eggs and larvae

Also kills Carpet Beetles,Silver Fish & Dust-mites

Simultaneously gives a pleasant fresh & clean fragrance

Recommended treatment cycle: Every 3 Months

Covers approx 25 Sq Metres – An average sized living room carpet 

Will NOT Stain

Ideal For: Carpets, rugs, curtains, throws, cushions, drapes and the like throughout the home