Acana UK

ACANA - Fabric Moth Killer Spray and Freshener




Effective &Proven Moth Protection from a Licensed InsecticideFormula 

Licensed Insecticide Killing product (not just a repellent)

Ideal for clothes 

Complementary product to Acana Sachet & Hanging products 

Uses the latest in technology for moth killing 

Formulated with Bayer’s TRANSFLUTHRIN active 

Ideal for1st response

Creates a safe zone

Effectively kills moths, eggs and larvae 

Also kills Carpet Beetles,Silver Fish &  Dust-mites

Simultaneously gives a pleasant fresh & clean fragrance

Recommended treatment cycle: Every 3 Months

Covers approx. 13.75 Sq Meters

Will NOT Stain

Ideal For:Clothes, carpet's, rugs, curtains, throws, cushions, drapes and the like throughout the home 



1/ Open safety nozzle by twisting to "on".

2/ Prime pump by pulling trigger 2 or 3 times. Always test on an inconspicuous area first.

3/ Spray downwards. uniformly. onto items to be treated (from around 50cm away) and leave to dry for approx. 30 minutes. Vacuum Carpets and Rugs as required.

4/ Always close safety nozzle by twisting to "off' when not in use.

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