Acana UK

Background & Summary

Moisture Control Insights


Excess moisture in the air can be a problem for many in the UK,  with the wetter weather causing a rise in humidity and condensation. This can lead to damage to furnishing, as well as mould and mildew growth.
Acana has invented a new, convenient and safe way to control moisture, condensation, and damp. It also prevents damage to wallpapers, furniture and fabrics whilst combating damp and musty odours and also improves air quality.


Acana has developed an Advanced Safety System that is new, convenient and safe to use in controlling moisture, damp, condensation and damage to many household items as well as providing an effective way to remove unpleasant and unwanted odours whilst improving air quality.

  • Prevents leaks, spills and is lockable

  • Protects home items from moisture damage

  • Attracts and seals away moisture, odours and bacteria

  • Protects the home environment