Acana UK

ACANA - Airing Cupboard Moth Killer and Freshener




effective & proven moth protection from a licensed insecticide formula

Licensed Insecticide Killing Product (not just repellent)

Complementary product to Acana Sachet & Hanging products

Warm & humid environments are loved by moths, making the airing cupboard a high risk environment for breeding and damage

Provides protection for valuables in the Airing Cupboard

Specially formulated liquid format for specific use in low airflow - extended temperatures

Uses the latest in technology for moth killing

Formulated with Bayer’s TRANSFLUTHRIN active

Effectively kills moths, eggs and larvae

Simultaneously gives a pleasant fresh & clean fragrance

Lasts up to 3 Months

With Visual End of Life Indication 

Ideal For: Protection of all clothing and bedding, including woollens, cashmere, linens, leathers & silks airing in the airing cupboard